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Delboys Classic British Motorcycles

Delboy has always had an interest in British motorcycles, having grown up during the golden era before Honda et al flooded the market with plastic replicas, he had fond memories of the motorcycles he had ridden in his youth. He was fortunate enough to find an abandoned Greeves in a garden whilst working, which he rode for a while before it was stolen and destroyed. The rebuilding of that classic motorcycle led to Delboys fascination with collecting, restoring and riding many more vintage British bikes from the 50's, and 60's and now even into the 70's.

He now owns several classic bikes in varying degrees of restoration and repair. All of them are used as often as is possible, and are all kept at least ready to ride unless some major reworking is taking place. A few of his bikes are good enough to show on a regular basis and he attends as many classic and vintage motorcycle shows and rallys as his time and money allow. They are often looked at with a critical eye by the purists but as Delboy says, those motorbikes were made to be ridden, and he will keep them on the road rather than a trailer, and sometimes you have to sacrifice perfect originality for practicality.

His collection of vintage motorcycles includes an Ariel Red Hunter, an Ariel VB and a 3 wheeled Ariel 3, as well as a BSA A7 Star Twin. He also still owns the Greeves which originally started it off and a rather strange looking bike made by DMW called a Deemster. One of his classics is held in a museum in Greenford West London,although it isn't a motorbike per se, being an Ariel 3, 3 wheeled motorcycle of 70's vintage. So take a look around this site to see the full collection of Dels classic and vintage motorcycles spanning 3 decades of the 20th century.

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