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Delboys Classic British Motorcycles - The Ariels

Ariel red hunter picture

This is a 1959 350cc Ariel Red Hunter which he bought in 1988 and spent 4 years restoring .It was very much a basket case when purchased as someone had started to create a "chop" with the frame so many parts were missing or damaged.

another view of the Ariel red hunter A later picture of the Ariel Red Hunter, this time the front view of this classic british motorcycle.
Ariel VB picture from the side This beast is an Ariel VB, a huge old thumper of a 600cc single. This classic Ariel motorcycle has been in delboys family for years, owned by one brother, and looked after by another of his brothers. When this classic machine came up for sale, Delboy stepped in and kept it in the family. In original black as most of his motorcycles have been at some time in their lives, this looks like a vintage bike should.
Ariel VB front shot Here is another view of the same VB, with another of dels motorbikes in view in the background.
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