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Delboys Classic British Motorcycles -The BSA's

This is a picture of the shed where we found the 1952 BSA A7 Star Twin, look very carefully and you should just be able to spot the front number plate in the centre of the picture! If you can not see it click here for a picture pointing it out.
After many hours of digging in the huge pile of car and motorcycle parts, we unearthed this BSA and discovered it was a motorcycle and sidecar combination. All the motorcycle parts in the garage, and the owners loft (and anywhere else he'd thought to store motorbike bits) were purchased along with this one.
this is the same bike again after its restoration Roughly 1992. Having ridden this a couple of times, I can attest to the fine job Delboy did of restoring it, and it is a joy to ride. And has plenty of torque as all good British motorcycles should, especially a big twin like this.
Delboys wife had had enough of black motorbikes so she told him to change the colour. So he sourced a close match to another colour originally used on this year of BSA and stripped it down and resprayed it in around 1998.
This is a more modern bike from the 1970's, a BSA Royal Star. Delboy being the hoarder he is spotted this in a garden and inquired if it was for sale, done the deal and brought it home. It hasn't been touched much apart from the repairs needed to get it running and through the MOT required to ride it on the British highways.
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