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Dazzas Page of Japanese Bikes

Jealous of Delboys British bikes website Dazza (Dels son, and my brother) wanted some of his bikes featured, so here they are in no particular order starting with Dazzas Kawasaki ZX10, a powerful motorcycle for someone to play with. And as with all dazzas bikes it certainly got played with. This was his second ZX10, and about his 4th Kawasaki.
This was Dazzas first Kawasaki ZX10, and was bought already painted in the Rizla team racing colours. The picture doesn't do it justice as it really was a beautiful bike (just don't tell him I said so)
this is my favourite of all the motorcycles Dazza has owned. It is a Kawasaki GPZ 1100 with an awful lot of work done to the engine. When Dazza bought it it was a non runner, but with a little coaxing and some scary attempts at bump starting it we eventually got it running. The reason it was so difficult was the extensive mods to the engine, which included a Mr. Turbo kit, fed through a Harley Davidson carburettor exiting through the shortest exhaust pipe I have seen on a road going bike. It sounded awesome, and after the turbo was set this bike had the grunt to back up the noise. Originally in Blue when Daz acquired it he had it all resprayed this great looking yellow which looked even better with all the polished aluminium and stainless on the bike.
Another custom bike, this time a Suzuki GS 1000 with some nice mods to enhance the looks of it. Another powerful beast, and another roaring exhaust, but this one was just part of a deal to secure the Thunderace dazza wanted (see below). I wanted this bike, but didn't have the cash available at the time, so it was sold, another missed opportunity.
Dazzas latest pride and joy is his Yamaha Thunderace. A bit of a change from the usual Kawasaki fare, maybe a trip to his youth, reminiscing about his Yamaha days of FS1E's and RD 125's and 350's ?
Another of dazzas early motorcycles, his Kawasaki GPZ900 or one of them as he had a succession of them over the years. They always saw plenty of use as he went riding every weekend he could back then. Of course he's growing older now and can't always get out
Dazzas latest bike, he has owned this Kawasaki ZZR 1100 for a while now, and loves this powerful and quick machine. He takes it drag racing at run what you brung meetings at Santa Pod raceway, where it runs the 1/4 mile in 11.3 seconds and hopes to somehow get it into the high ten second bracket. See some videos of the ZZR in action on the drag strip below.
Dazza is riding his ZZR1100 at Santa Pod Raceway in this short video clip. He is the second race, on the maroon bike closest to the camera
In the above video clip Dazza is on his Kawasaki ZZR 1100 racing against our friend Rob on a brand new (1 day old at the time of the race in Sept 2006) Suzuki GSXR 1000
Dazzas final run of the day was disappointing, he says because of the tidal pull of the moon pulling the fuel away from the pickup in the fuel tank, and also his bike is Saggitarius and he is Taurus meaning they were incompatible at that time due to the astrological phases of the stars or something.

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