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September 21, 2008

Wolverton Show 2008

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It was a bit of an “on-off-on” affair really. We booked the bikes in (that’s Delboy and his BSA A7 and me and the Z750 Twin) a few months ago as exhibits at a local classic vehicle show. The night before we were to be going, Delboy rings and we both decide we can’t be arsed to go to the show anyway. As I put the phone down and contemplated a quiet day, the long suffering wife chimes in with “I’d like to go, so would Phoebe”

So we decided we’d go anyway, I can show the Z750, and we’ll all get into the museum and show free and it’d be a nice family day out. Sunday morning, and Delboy rings to check once more if we’re going, I tell him the latest, and he and his mate Austin decide they’re coming up to Milton Keynes, and showing their bikes. So it’s all back on.

Anyway, Delboy and Austin arrived on their BSA’s, as I finish a quick spruce up of the Kawasaki (degrease the wheels, and wipe off the mud and crap from the roads). We saddle up and head for the epic journey to Wolverton, I say epic, it’s about 2 miles or so from my house. We arrive at the museum, get waved through even though Austin isn’t actually entered. Then my wife and daughters arrive in the car and we go back to get them in on the exhibitors passes. Parked the bikes along with the other exhibitors and went to get our exhibitor numbers. But first a pic of me and the Z750 twin, with Delboys BSA just in view on the right.

me and z750 at wolverton 2008

Here is a shot of the Z750 twin with Delboys BSA, and Austins BSA just behind it, and all the other bikes along this side of the track.

Z750 twin, BSA A7 and Austins BSA

Here is a better pic of Austin and his BSA which was involved in an accident earlier this year, and he and Delboy repaired it (for more on this, follow this link)

Austins bsa


It turned out to be a brilliant warm and sunny September day, and the bikes and cars turned up in great numbers to fill the museums grounds. We had a walk around the manor house / museum and then around all the bikes, cars and stationery engines for a few hours.

Here are some of the pics we took at the show…




There were many other displays there, but it could take a lot of space to show them all, and probably be quite boring, so I’ll just say we had a good time, and left a little early so Delboy and Austin could get home before dark.

June 15, 2008

Delboy Rides Again - Or Should That Be Drives

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Delboy told us he’d be up to Milton Keynes to see us this weekend, but we didn’t expect the mode of transport he chose to turn up in.

May 11, 2008

Stoke Goldington Steam Rally and Country Show May 08

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Delboy made the trip up to Milton Keynes, sad to say in a car not on one of his bikes, to visit us, and take in the Stoke Goldington Steam Rally and Country Show. This is a big steam rally held a few miles from Milton Keynes, which shows a lot of various vehicles in addition to the tractors and traction engines you’d expect from the name of the show.

In true Delboy tradition he forgot to bring a camera, so luckily my wife (his daughter in law) had brought ours along. Before too long Delboy was whining that his feet hurt, his legs ached and he hadn’t seen the old bikes and cars yet, so we had to take him along to find them. Then he pointed out which ones were to be photographed.

So here are the Delboy selections from Stoke Goldington Steam Rally May 08

BSA in the entrance to the motorcycle section

This pair of BSA’s stood either side of the entrance to the classic vehicles section of the show.

A red BSA

Ariel Square Four

The Ariel Square Four above reminded Delboy of his brothers bikes as it had an oil leak or two, and was not in showroom condition.

Black BSA

Another BSA, we were beginning to see a pattern forming ;-)

one mans junk is another mans golden find

We thought someone had raided Delboys shed, but it appears there’s another horder of old junk (or as Delboy calls it memorabilia of a bygone era). Del has accused me and my brother of losing petrol cans like the ones in this picture when we were younger and used them to fetch petrol for our field bikes. Of course we didn’t lose them, he just needs to blame someone for his carelessness.

an old motorcycle

Almost captured Delboy himself in this picture of an old British bike, but not quite, not sure about the hand on hip pose though definitely a bit suspect if you ask us.


Bikes on display in the marquee.

All in all a good show, and a great day was had by all of us including Phoebe, Dels granddaughter who lets grandad spoil her for the day to keep her quiet while we watch the displays and look around the old bikes and cars :-)

May 10, 2008

New e-book on Classic Bike Restoration co-Written by me :-)

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I have been putting the finishing touches on a new e-book called “Classic Motorcycle Restoration” and it is available now at http://www.classic-motorcycle-restoration.com .
I even created a nice e-cover using a pic of Delboys Ariel, look :-

Classic Motorcycle Restoration

If you’re interested in starting a classic bike restoration project then this may be the ebook you’ve been looking for ;-)

If you own a website related to classic motorcycle restoration, then why not check out the affiliate program, we pay 60% of all sales you make via Clickbank.  http://www.classic-motorcycle-restoration.com/affiliates.html for all the information and graphics to get started making sales and making money for yourself from this e-book.

April 24, 2008

Austins BSA all fixed and ready to ride

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Here it is all fixed and good as new, Austins’ BSA is all back together with its new and repaired parts all fitted and shiny.

The mudguard has been straightened and repainted, and the wheel rebuilt. The headlamp came as a complete new reproduction part ready to fit.


And here’s a picture of Austin standing proudly with his bike following the repair. We all want to know what the man who caused the damage has to be proud of though. Any answers please comment below.

BSA repaired and ready to ride.

At least the BSA is fixed and roadworthy again, keeping another British classic bike on the road for all to enjoy.

April 23, 2008

Austins BSA Under Repair

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Delboy and Austin have been hard at work to repair the damage done to the BSA by Austin’s unfortunate accident. In the picture below they have removed the headlight and mudguard (fender to our American cousins). The mudguard has been sent away for repair and spraying, and he has bought a new light unit with everything in.


In the meantime Delboy has resprayed the fork shrouds and bottoms which involved removing the wheel and masking the tank (Note the green polythene bag to cover the tank in lieu of masking tape in the picture below).



The mudguard is back from painting and ready to be refitted, and hopefully the BSA can be put back together and back on the road in just a few days time weather permitting. I’m also informed the wheel is away for rim replacement, and new spokes, and the centre hub is to be repainted, but not due to the accident it was just convenient while it was out. The wheel has been away for just over a day and is already awaiting collection, good service from the wheel refurbisher.

April 13, 2008

Delboys Mate Breaks BSA A10 Round Bends

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Delboys mate Austin was on his way from seeing him on his 1950 BSA A10 rigid when Delboy got a phonecall. Austin had come off the bike going around some double bends nearby. Delboy went and rode the bike back while Mrs Delboy took him to the hospital.

Luckily Austin was only bruised, and the bike had minimal damage as these photos show.


The above pic shows the BSA’s bent mudguard.


This shows the front headlamp bent, and the forks were out of line.

It is now being fixed, just awaiting the mudguard to be straightened and sprayed. The headlamp and forks are all repaired/ replaced.

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